Thorlo: the last American sock brand

I’ve been wearing Thorlos for over 8 years! I’m an avid tennis player, and before I was introducted to Thorlos, I used to go through dozens of athletic socks OR wear socks double for the cushioning.

thorlos made in usa socks on my feet
Thorlos: Made in USA socks

Thorlo is known for the sport and activity specific socks. A basketball player needs different cushioning than a runner, who needs different cushioning than a hiker or a walker.

I love the thick cushioning and support the Thorlo socks provides me. I’m not the most graceful athlete – when I’m running or playing sports, I’m more like a sumo wrestler or Fred Flintstone. You can always hear me coming a mile away!

clomp! clomp! clomp! make room for Jaden, she’s comin’ through!

I counted this morning. I have 23 pairs of Thorlos.

Thorlos socks in drawer, made in USA socks
I can’t believe I am showing you my sock drawer.

My first set of Thorlos was purchased 8 years ago. I play tennis nearly every day – and these socks have lasted me years. In fact, the last time I bought Thorlos was in 2017.

In addition to sports socks, they also make compression socks, socks for Western boot wearers, bowling and dress socks. Check them out!

Thorlo owner Jim Throneburg

Our passion and purpose is to be Caretakers of the World’s Feet.

– Thorlo Owner and Inventor Jim Throneburg

Support our last American sock brand!

You can buy Thorlos from Amazon or direct from Thorlos’ site!

2 thoughts on “Thorlo: the last American sock brand

  1. Barry says:

    Great socks. I’ve been running in Thorlos since 1985. They last a long time. Through summer & winters in Edmonton AB Canada. Worth the investment.

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